I started exploring photography as an abstract painter during a challenging period in my life. At that time, I found comfort in nature, especially in places like the gorges, lakes, and streams near where I live in the Finger Lakes region. 

I see my abstract photographs as poems. Akin to the process of writing poetry, when I take a picture I focus on rhythm, movement, sensuality, and layers of meaning. Through the camera lens, a decomposing leaf in a small puddle of water or a beam of light refracted in a stream transforms into a whole universe of new perspectives.

Nature is always teaching me. Some days I breathe easier when I photograph water reflections. Other days, my shoulders soften as I photograph moss, rocks, or ice. Nature grounds me.

When I take a picture, I experience a moment of communion with the elements. In every possibility of its form, I want my art to inspire healing by stimulating a curiosity to explore the inner world by seeing and experiencing the outer one anew.

"My purpose is to inspire, heal and awaken people’s imagination with my Abstract Nature Photography."

Helena Cooper - Artist's Statement Helena Cooper - Artist's Statement Helena Cooper - Artist's Statement Helena Cooper - Artist's Statement