“These images are profoundly healing. Gaze at them for a few minutes, and you will feel peaceful, hopeful and renewed.”

-Jalaja Bonheim, Author/Workshop Leader

Helena Cooper, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is an abstract painter and photographer known for her bold and expressive Abstract Nature Photography. She studied painting at the Escola Brasil Dois Pontos Art Institute of Brazil, which has launched many of the country’s greatest contemporary artists. She also studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Helena’s art is found in private collections as well as hospitals, universities, corporate businesses, spas, healing arts centers, therapists’ offices and other venues. She has also been in multimedia collaborations where her photography has been shown in large projected formats behind stage performances and conference presentations.
Helena Cooper sees herself as an artist who captures designs and textures in nature with her camera – just like she would create them with her brush. The shapes of bark, wet rock surfaces, tumbling waters, and other natural forms are her canvas. For each element that speaks to her, she captures the part that holds the essence of the whole. Her photography is independent of recognizable images and scenes that can evoke memories related to personal and cultural attachments. In this way the art speaks directly to the emotions and to the unconscious. It promotes healing, restores the mind, body and soul.

Helena received a Special Recognition Award for her participation in “Our Bond with Nature” exhibit, through The Healing Power of Art & Artists. This initiative, through Manhattan Arts International, raises awareness about “our magnificent natural world and our need to honor, protect and preserve it. John R. Math, who nominated Helena’s Abstract Nature Photography, writes: “[Helena Cooper] colorful interpretation of nature’s beauty provides a glimpse of tones, textures and energy that is rarely noticed by the rest of us when we are in the midst of nature. Helena’s nature photography contains either an explosion of colors or a muted version of earth, water and form. Though her artworks appear to be colorful abstracts, they produce a subtle experience of the natural world in the viewer.”

Helena notes: “Much of the process of creating a photograph is in the way I see. My intention is to share that, my own vision of nature. When I take a picture, I experience a moment of true communion with nature which, through the photograph, is transmitted to the viewer. The reflection on the water, the mystery and the sounds of water running feeds my soul and brings me peace; it allows me to access something primordial, and to achieve a sense of meaning, freedom, and belonging, of feeling home and that everything is how it is supposed to be.”