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“Helena’s artwork has been very therapeutic for our clients and therapist alike. It lends itself to a relaxing and deep experience of inquiry.” -Diane Farnham, Physical Therapist

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Dr. Bill Thomas giving a testimonial of Helena Cooper Abstract Nature Photography. Bill Thomas is a visionary, author and physician whose wide-ranging work explores the terrain of human aging. Best known for his health care system innovations, he is the founder of The Eden Alternative which works to improve the care provided to older people.

Featured at Rochester Institute of Technology
Helena Cooper Art’s abstract nature photography pieces had the wonderful opportunity of being featured in a Digital Design course project for Interior Designers, focused on teaching interior designers the principles of graphic design as it applies to their presentations.

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Multimedia Performance with Projected Images
Multimedia performance collaboration of yoga dance (Tandemonium Yoga), live music (Joe Smellow and Mahmud) whirling (by Steve Smolen), multimedia performance (poetry by Jalaja Bonheim) and Helena Cooper’s Abstract Nature Photography projected on a large screen behind the performers.

Featured Client Testimonials

I am extremely happy with the two pieces I purchased for my psychotherapy office: Moonstone and Remaining. Their beautiful, dreamy, abstract nature invite a contemplative state in addition to an appreciation of their beauty. The potent ambiguity of nature, whether the markings on a stone in a lake in Moonstone or a leaf frozen under ice in Remaining, are living metaphors for the therapy process of seeing life in a multi-layered and symbolic way. Many clients have commented on how each piece can be seen in different ways. I love having these pieces in my office, both for their beauty and serenity as well as the symbolism implicit in the images that Helena captured so magnificently.

Peggy Handler – Marriage & Family Therapist
San Francisco, CA

Helena’s artwork has been very therapeutic for our clients and therapist alike. It lends itself to a relaxing and deep experience of inquiry.

Diane Farnham, PT

Helena Cooper’s luminous works of art gesture towards the sacred, the ineffable. Coupled with soothing sounds of harmony, they resonate grace, warmth, wholeness, and inspire healing.

Trevor Sydney, RN, Intensive Care Unit, SUNY Upstate Medical Center

I found your videos beautiful and very absorbing. It was fascinating to see patterns which my imagination could make out to be animals and human faces in your images! The photography is really stunning and the music seems very suitable in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

John Keating, High School Teacher

Helena Cooper’s images have always been not only for the eyes, but felt deeply in the body, where one’s original nature is touched and felt.

Linda Ruth, Minister and Healer

Incredible, beautiful meditation and trip through the cosmos.

Yvonne Fisher, Therapist

These images are profoundly healing. Gaze at them for a few minutes, and you will feel peaceful, hopeful and renewed.

Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D., Counselor

Helena Cooper’s art draws me into a quiet internal calm that I often forget in the process of doing what needs to be done in my work. In those moments I remember what is important.

Kristin Stevens, RN

Helena’s photographic work captures the essence and balance of nature and art. We have her artwork all around our home and in my office. Every time someone walks by one of her pieces, they pause, look deeply into it and share how this photo touches their heart.

Ravi Walsh, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Helena, we have four of your nature photographs hanging in the corporate boardroom at our Toshiba headquarters in Rochester, NY. I knew when I saw your artwork hanging at a local Seneca Lake Winery that your style would be a perfect fit. Thanks for working with me to pick out just the right ones. Personally I never tire of looking at them.

Salley Thornton, V.P. Marketing Communications, TOSHIBA

It is not only the way your art looks but also the feelings it evokes as in nature, when one is being touched by colors, the wind, the sounds, and the magical moments when the light hits the leaves or the water in a certain way. You seem to have captured this magic.

Jane Kennedy, Acupuncturist

Helena’s art evokes a sense of safety, nourishment, beauty, and soulfulness. Her image is the object that my clients most admire in my office. We all feel superbly supported to do healing work in the atmosphere created by her work.

Jenna Milner, Healing Arts Practitioner